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VBA Concatenate How to Concatenate Strings Together in VBA

The below code will do the job for you. Code: Sub Concatenate_Example1 () Dim i As Integer For i = 2 To 9 Cells (i, 3).Value = Cells (i, 1) & & Cells (i, 2) Next i End Sub. This will combine the first name and last name, just like our VBA concatenate function VBA Concatenate Step 1: Go to the Developer tab and then select the visual basic tab on the left-hand side. Then it will take to the... Step 2: First, we need to create a subprocess with any name like concatenation. To initiate subprocess, use keyword Sub... Step 3: In Subprocess we need to define. There is the concatenate function. For example =CONCATENATE(E2,-,F2) But the & operator always concatenates strings. + often will work, but if there is a number in one of the cells, it won't work as expected You can use the & operator in VBA to join text strings. MsgBox Merge & Text Concatenate Cells. You can also concatenate cells together. Below, we have the text strings in A1 and B1: The following code shows you how to join text strings from cell A1 and B1 using the & operator, in cell C1: Range(C1).Value = Range(A1).Value & Range(B1).value. The result is: This is the full procedure to concatenate two cells together (with variable declarations Both carry out the basic concatenation operation, as the following example shows. VB. Dim x As String = Mic & ro & soft Dim y As String = Mic + ro + soft ' The preceding statements set both x and y to Microsoft. Diese Operatoren können auch String -Variablen verketten, wie das folgende Beispiel zeigt

Use the Excel VBA Join function to concatenate all items in a VBA String Array into a single String. Merge Array into a single String str3 = image0 & num & .jpg. This will add a string + Variable num+ string. I don't see a second integer. except the 0 at the end of the first string. You may need to be more. specific as to how you need the result to look. Mike. S Your example for this will be: abc & [integer] within the expression box. If you would like to have a space between your expression will be : abc & & [integer] (Note that there is a space between the middle parentheses). From what Adam said: Using the Python parser will require type casting the integer to a string: abc + str(!integer! VB.NET program that concats Integer to String Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim value As String = bird Dim number As Integer = 100 ' Concat an integer. Dim result = value + number. ToString () ' Write the string Concatenation operators join multiple strings into a single string. There are two concatenation operators, + and &. Both carry out the basic concatenation operation, as the following example shows. Dim x As String = Mic & ro & soft Dim y As String = Mic + ro + soft ' The preceding statements set both x and y to Microsoft

The function Value converts from text to numbers; you need to use the Text function instead. With that, you should be able to use the Concatenate function to do your concatenation: Concatenate (text1, -, text2, -, Text (234)) View solution in original post. Message 2 of 5. 36,142 Views Example. Try the following example to understand the Concatenation operator available in VBScript −. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <script language = vbscript type = text/vbscript> Dim a : a = 5 Dim b : b = 10 Dim c c = a+b Document.write (Concatenated value:1 is &c) 'Numeric addition Document.write (<br></br>) 'Inserting a Line Break.

VBA Concatenate How to Use Concatenate Function in VBA

  1. Do you mean you have a string variable that represents the column (A) and an integer variable that represents the row (1)? It would be like this: Dim ColLtr as String, RowNo as Integer ColLtr = A RowNo = 1 Range(ColLtr & RowNo).Select VBA can do the conversion from integer to string when you concatenate wit
  2. Sep 19, 2009. #1. Hi, I am trying to concatenate some string and integer. It is always for previous month end date, i.e, 7/31/2009 or 8/31/2009. Here is I have the data now. <table x:str= style=border-collapse: collapse; width: 88pt; width=117 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><col style=width: 88pt; width=117><tr style=height:.
  3. You can use this below format to bring + in between Strings. You can pass + as string in between two strings and concat using + symbol. Dear + + + Customer
  4. The table below summarizes the different VBA concatenation operators. Operator Description Return Data Type Precedence & String Concatenation (binary) operator, i.e. ampersand (&), appends two String or String Variant operands into a String expression. String, if both operands are String; String Variant, if at least one operand is not a String; Null, if both operands are Null. 1 + String.

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To concatenate an Integer to a String, we can call ToString on the Integer. This avoids the InvalidCastException, and no error occurs. VB.NET program that concats Integer to String Module Module1 Sub Main () Dim value As String = bird Dim number As Integer = 100 ' Concat an integer To join two strings together in Visual Basic, you use the & operator. For example, sString = hello & sName. Combines the text hello and the value of sName, and saves it in the sString variable. An operator that is notably missing in VB 6 an earlier is a way to append a string to another. In VB 6 or earlier, you have to d Concatenating string to integer. Tag: vb.net. Please see the code below: Dim str1 As String=Test Dim int1 As Integer = 1 Dim str2 = str1 & int1 Should int1 be casted into a string before it is concatenated or does it make no difference? I have recently turned OPTION STRICT ON in a VB.NET app. Best How To : This is a very poor question but I'll answer it anyway. The result is: no, casting is. Excel VBA String to Integer. String and Integer are common data types, but often as part of our data analysis, we may want to convert string data type variable to integer data type and this is possible by using CINT function in VBA. Syntax of CINT Function CINT is categorised as a data type conversion function. This function converts provided expression into an Integer data type.

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VBA Concatenate Text Strings Together (& - Ampersand

26 avril 2021. - 24 août 2011 à 15:36. Bonjour, Quand j'écris : a = B & Str (8) b = B + Str (8) J'obtiens : a -> B 8 et b -> B 8. Or je voudrais obtenir B8 sans l'espace. Dans mon code je doit générer des string de la forme Bi où est un integer The macro examples so far showed you how to concatenate strings within a VBA subroutine. How about writing We have gone through a number of different scenarios step-by-step on how to concatenate strings in VBA. As text concatenate is one of the core skills in VBA programming, you'll find the techniques you learnt here very useful in your own VBA projects. About the author edwin. Edwin is. If you've ever tried to concatenate a string with a number while using SQL Server, but received an error, this article should clear things up for you.There's more than one way to perform concatenation using T-SQL in SQL Server, and if you're concatenating different data types (like a string and a number) then you may receive an error, depending on how you do the concatenation In Microsoft Excel, you can use a macro to concatenate the data in two adjacent columns and to display the result in the column to the right of the columns that contain your data. This article contains a sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro (Sub procedure) to accomplish this. More Informatio the sheet uses a vb script code which adds the no of boxes checked in the sheet to calculate the final results(i.e. each check box represent 1 and the code add the no of 1's so,if 2 boxes are checked the result should be like 1+1=2) for adding the check boxes + operator is used but the problem here is that the + operator is treating the numeric value as string and in place of adding it's.

Example 'Declare and assign a string array Dim widgetNames(2) As String widgetNames(0) = foo widgetNames(1) = bar widgetNames(2) = fizz 'Concatenate with Join and separate each element with a 3-character string concatenatedString = VBA.Strings.Join(widgetNames, > ) 'concatenatedString = foo > bar > fizz 'Concatenate with Join and separate each element with a zero-width string. Sub Solution () Dim FirstName As String Dim Surname As String Dim FullName As String Dim UltLinha As Long Dim i As Integer LastRow = Sheets ( First_Name ). Cells ( 2, 1 ). End (xlDown).Row For i = 3 To LastRow FirstName = Sheets ( First_Name ). Cells (i, 1 ).Value Surname = Sheets ( Surname ) concatenate string and integer. Yes, VB does coerce types for you, and it works fine in this case. However, if you want to avoid the problems that can result from what is. often called evil type coercion (with good reason), you would be much. better off to make it a rule to explicitly convert types yourself using Select the worksheet that contains the data that you want to concatenate. Click the top cell in the right column of data that you want to concatenate. For example, if cells A1:A100 and B1:B100 contain data, click cell B1. On the Tools menu, point to Macros, and then click Macro. Select the ConcatColumns macro, and then click Run. Reference Re: How To Concatenate The String And Int Into Int Type Variable. Mar 18, 2013 07:06 AM. | Sankalpa | LINK. No. you can't assign string value to integer. but a string value is numeric charcter you can use int.parse () to convert. Please mark the replies as answers if it help. Reply. ashkc

Strings in VBA. In this chapter, you'll find the most important functions to manipulate strings in VBA such as concatenation, add or remove extra spaces, replace strings or part of strings, find part of strings on the left or right side or in the mid. We end with searching of a specified substring with InStr, InStrRev, StrReverse Gibt es in VB.NET einen Vorteil, Zeichenfolgen statt + zu verketten? Beispielsweise . Dim x as String = hello + there gegen . Dim x as String = hello & there Ja, ich weiß für viele String-Verkettungen, dass ich StringBuilder möchte, aber das ist eher eine allgemeine Frage Error: Unknown function String.ValueOf. Check spelling I've tried a lot of things and still, with not success as I'm pretty sure that converting the int to a string first is the way to go. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks The most obvious (and possibly the best) way to concatenate a string and a number is to use the CONCAT() function. This allows you to provide the string and the number as two separate arguments. SQL Server will then concatenate them, and your concatenation is complete

I'm trying to generate a macro that will take each cell in a variable range and concatenate all cells into a single cell or string variable. In the attached example, I'd like to combine the names in Column A into either: a) Cell C1, or b) a VBA String Variabl This post provides an in-depth guide to using string in VBA. It explains strings in simple terms with clear code examples. I have laid it out so the post can be easily used as a quick reference guide. If you are going to use strings a lot then I recommend you read the first section as it applies to a lot of the functions. Otherwise you can read. Using & and + operators. There are two ways in which you can achieve concatenation: & Operator: In this case, using ' String 1 & String 2' will give you String1String2 as the output. Even if one of the string value is NULL, you'll still get a final result displaying the string value that is present

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the sheet uses a vb script code which adds the no of boxes checked in the sheet to calculate the final results(i.e. each check box represent 1 and the code add the no of 1's so,if 2 boxes are checked the result should be like 1+1=2) for adding the check boxes + operator is used but the problem here is that the + operator is treating the numeric value as string and in place of adding it's concatenating the values.(so if two boxes are checked the result which the user gets is 1+1=11) what. Mix integer and string in MsgBox. Sub msgBox() 'Declare the variables Dim intNumber1 As Integer Dim intNumber2 As Integer Dim intSum As Integer 'Create InputBoxes to enter numbers intNumber1 = 1 intNumber2 = 2 'Add numbers intSum = intNumber1 + intNumber Debug.Print The numbers entered were & intNumber1 & and & intNumber2 End Su Here is what I wrote so far which does not work. I am sure there is simpler way to do it. I put the month end date 5 columns to the right for the time being and in the intention after deleting it after concatenation automatically. For Each cell In Selection ActiveCell.Offset(0, 5).Value = =EOMONTH(TODAY(),-1) ActiveCell.Offset(0, 5).Activat

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If you want to embed the (return) values of function calls or variables, you need to break up the string in several parts and concatenate them with those function calls and variable names. The parts of the whole string should be enclosed with quotes and concatenated with the ampersand symbol When you concatenate a text string with a number or date, you may want to format the result differently depending on your dataset. To do this, embed the TEXT function in your Excel concatenate formula. The TEXT(value, format_text) function has two arguments: In the first argument (value), you supply a number or date to be converted to text, or a reference to the cell containing a numeric value. This Tutorial explains VBA Code to Concatenate Cells, Add multiple strings etc. It takes lot of time to concatenate multiple cells, however VBA programming c.. CONCAT function will handle conversions between INT and TINY INT. UPDATE YourTableName SET Column3 = CONCAT(Column1, '-', Column2) NULL values are treated as empty strings ('') with CONCAT. If you want to filter out these records add IS NOT NULL as WHERE condition

We have already covered an introduction to string functions in our VBA Strings and Substrings Functions tutorial. In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to convert an integer to a string (click here to learn about converting Strings to Numbers). The reason you would want to convert a number or date to a string is in order to use string manipulation functions on these values. The VBA. The Concatenate Macro uses an InputBox that allows you to select a range of cells. It then creates the Concatenate or Ampersand formula by creating an argument for each cell in the selected range. You can assign the macro to a button in the ribbon or keyboard shortcut. The macro makes it really fast to create the formulas Hi, I have a column of numbers and another one of strings, say A, B and C in A2:A4 and 1,2,3 in B2:B4. In column C, I would like to create a concatenated column. So the result in C2:C4 should be A:1, B:2 and C:3 How can this be done in Power Query? Regards, Ashish Mathur Microsoft Excel MVP www · Dany's suggestion should work, but. 'Declare, dimension and assign a string array with 3 elements Dim departments(2) As String departments(0) = Engineering departments(1) = Finance departments(2) = Marketing 'Declare an undimensioned string array and then dynamically assign with 'the results of a function that returns a string array Dim stateNames() As String stateNames = VBA.Strings.Split(Texas;California;New York, ;) 'Declare, dimension and assign a fixed-width string array Dim stateCodes(2) As String * 2. When you read the documentation of string.Concat (object []), you may learn that: The method concatenates each object in args by calling the parameterless ToString method of that object; it does not add any delimiters. This means that ToString is redundant

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http://www.trainsignal.com/Microsoft-Office-Training.aspx?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Social%20Media&utm_campaign=YouTubeOffice%20Referral&utm_content=acce.. 247744 I've written a module (below and also in the attached excel file) to read a series of *.csv files (which I access online) and insert into a spreadsheet. I'm kind of stuck on some basic VBA syntax, specifically, how to concatenate the string C with the integer I, to form a string which can then define 'qrow' which is the cell location to write each line of data to While both & and + operators allow you to combine the strings, it's usually a good idea to use the & operator because the + operator will convert values into a Double if one of the values is a.. Re: how do i concatenate a string with an integer? You can't add two different data types like that unless they have been 'overloaded' to know how to handle themselves like that. Objects can be smart like this, but you are using C, and there are no objects in C Description. To concatenate multiple strings into a single string in Microsoft Excel, you can use the & operator to separate the string values.. The & operator can be used as a worksheet function (WS) and a VBA function (VBA) in Excel. As a worksheet function, the & operator can be entered as part of a formula in a cell of a worksheet. As a VBA function, you can use this operator in macro code.

Although the CONCATENATE function is still available for backward compatibility, you should consider using CONCAT, because CONCATENATE may not be available in future versions of Excel. TEXTJOIN combines the text from multiple ranges and/or strings, and includes a delimiter you specify between each text value that will be combined. If the delimiter is an empty text string, this function will. VBA will use strLastName as a literal string and continue. If you were searching the LastName field, the query would return no records (as it's unlikely to find a last name entry of strLastName) String Concatenation. This page describes a VBA Function that you can use to concatenate string values in an array formula. Introduction To Concatenation. The term concatenate refers to the operation of combining two or more strings into a single string. For example, the concatenation of abc and def is abcdef Starting in R2017a, you can create string arrays using double quotes. Concatenate them with the strcat function. str1 = [ John , Mary ]; str2 = [ Smith , Jones ]; str = strcat(str1,str2 So, str(int(5.8299)) returns the string '5′. If you need to round up, add 0.5 to the number before using int. sVal = sVal[begin : end] The nice thing about this function is that you don't have to specify the number of fields you want to concatenate - simply call the function with any number of fields. You can change the separator to any characters you like, or provide your own.

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Concatenate String with Counter to access variable Excel VBA Concatenate String with Counter to access variable Excel VBA JasonEnsor (Programmer) (OP) 16 Oct 13 11:04. Hi Guys, I have the following declared in my excel workbook, as my case statement loops through several faculties i would like to reduce the amount of repeated code. I was hoping to be able to access a variable by concatenating. Concatenate String with Integer into one String. Imports System Public Class MainClass Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String()) Dim n As Integer n = 27 n = n + 1 Console.WriteLine(Value of n + 1 = & n, Variables) End Sub End Clas Example in VBA Code. The & operator can be used to concatenate strings in VBA code. For example: Dim LSQL as string LSQL = Select * from Suppliers LSQL = LSQL & where Supplier_ID = 2345 Example in SQL/Queries. You can use the & operator in a query to concatenate multiple fields into a single field in your result set ' First way to convert string to integer ' Convert a string to an integer Dim text As String = 99 Dim stringToInteger As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(text) Console.WriteLine(Convert string using Convert.ToInt32(string) : & stringToInteger & vbLf) ' Second way to convert string to integer ' Convert string to number. Dim text1 As String = 191

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CONCATENATE Excel Ranges (Using VBA) Below is an example of the custom function I created using VBA (I named it CONCATENATEMULTIPLE) that will allow you to combine multiple cells as well as specify a separator/delimiter. Here is the VBA code that will create this custom function to combine multiple cells: Function CONCATENATEMULTIPLE(Ref As Range, Separator As String) As String Dim Cell As. Then we will convert the number you will concatenate into text string. Select a blank cell (Cell E2 in our example), enter the formula =TEXT(B2,$#,##0.00_);($#,##0.00)) (B2 is the currency cell you will concatenate) into it, and press the Enter key. Notes: (1) In above format, $#,##0.00_);($#,##0.00) is the format code we copied in step 2. And you can change the format code to your copied. VBScript String Concatenation. Often it is advantageous to combine two or more strings into one. This operation of adding a string to another string is referred to as concatenation. The VBScript script concatenation operator is an ampersand & and occurs in between the two strings to be joined. This example will join a total of 4 strings to form a super string. Note: We only use one variable.

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Formatting Strings You can use the Format method to create formatted strings and concatenate multiple strings representing multiple objects. The Format method automatically converts any passed object into a string. For example, the following code uses integer, floating number and string values and format them into a string using the Format method Concatenation Operators. Excel uses the & ampersand sign as the main concatenation operator. The appropriate data type for these operator is: String; When you concatenate one text data with another, they become a single text containing both data. Sub Concatenateda() Text = Hello VBA World. & This tutorial is amazing! MsgBox Text End Su However, if the above VBA is adjusted, it can be used to return the concatenated strings as a normal formula, enter (something like) the following into a VBA module (Alt-F11, Insert-Module): Public Function RANGECAT(rng1 As Range, Optional rng2 As Range) As String Dim r1 As Integer, c1 As Integer, r2 As Integer, c2 As Integer Dim cel As String Note: Unless there is a specific reason to use a Variant (i.e. an iterator in a For Each loop or an API requirement), the type should generally be avoided for routine tasks for the following reasons: They are not type safe, increasing the possibility of runtime errors. For example, a Variant holding an Integer value will silently change itself into a Long instead of overflowing

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VB.NET StringBuilder ExamplesImprove performance when appending Strings with the StringBuilder class. Replace and insert data. dot net perls. StringBuilder. A class, StringBuilder optimizes and improves common String operations. Appending, replacing and inserting are faster. It is easy to use. Type notes. With ToString, we can convert our data back into a String. This operation is optimized to. The CONCAT function in Excel 2016 or later produces the exact same result as the CONCATENATE function. Simply replace CONCATENATE with CONCAT in the formulas shown above. 7. The CONCAT function can also join a range of strings. If you don't need a delimiter (space, comma, dash, etc.) this can be useful Excel VBA: Convert a String or Number to Boolean. True/False. Got any Excel Questions? Free Excel Help.Back To: All Conversion Functions.Back to Excel VBA The example below shows how CBool can be used in Excel VBA to convert a string or number to a Boolean (TRUE/FALSE). Sub ConvertToBoolean() Dim lNum As Integer Dim strText As String lNum = 0 MsgBox CBool(lNum) lNum = 1 'Or higher MsgBox CBool.

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count as Integer) as string StringBuilder. Everytime you concatenate a string a new address in memory is allocated The existing string is copied to a new location with the newly string added When you use StringBuilder the same position in memory is used. StringBuilder oStringBuilder = new StringBuilder(); foreach (var value in mystring) { oStringBuilder.Append(value) } Important. In VB.Net you. Preface. On the forums that I participate in (and at work) I often see ASP code making extensive use of string concatenation, and although I want to point out why it's bad and how to improve it, I usually bite my tongue and say nothing . because to cover the topic in sufficient depth would take more time than I want to spend! It is disappointing to see that so many developers are unaware of. VB.NET introduced a new way to concatenate strings, StringBuilder class. In VB.NET strings are immutable. This means that once a string is created its value can not be changed. So when your code concatenates strings, the strings themselves pointed by a string variable does not change. Instead a new string object is created and the string. Also refer Related Link: Excel VBA String Functions: LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, REPLACE, INSTR, INSTRREV -----Contents: Split Function (VBA) Join Function (VBA) Concatenate with & (Worksheet / VBA)----- Split Function (VBA) The Split Function splits a string expression into specified number of substrings, as delimited by a character(s), which are.

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VBA Concatenate Strings in Excel. VBA Concatenate Strings in Excel. We can Append multiple strings into single string by using '&' and '+' operators. All string values are enclosed with double quotation() marks. We have to add space before and after & and + operators. We can append special symbols also Concatenating Strings (Join Strings) : In Excel VBA, two strings can be Joined simply by adding them by using & sign. Refer the below example. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Strng1, Strng2, Strng3, RsltStrng As String Strng1 = My Name Strng2 = Is Strng3 = Vish RsltStrng = Strng1 & Strng2 & Strng3 MsgBox (RsltStrng) End Su VBA: Conditional String Concatenation 2015-06-28 Category: Computers. I recently needed an Excel function that concatenates a subset of some strings based on true/false flags. Here is some horrible code that does this: Function conditional_string_concat(flags As Range, strings As Range, separator As String) ' Given two ranges of the same size, `flags` containing some kind of tick-mark, and. Sub concate() Dim str As String Dim tempstr As String Dim cnt As Integer cnt = Range(E6:E100).Count For i = 1 To cnt tempstr = Range(E & i + 5).Value If (Len(tempstr) > 0) Then tempstr = tempstr & , End If str = str & tempstr Next Cells(2, 2) = Left(str, Len(str) - 1) str = cnt = Range(F6:F100).Count For i = 1 To cnt tempstr = Range(F & i + 5).Value If (Len(tempstr) > 0) Then tempstr = tempstr & , End If str = str & tempstr Next Cells(2, 3) = Left(str, Len(str) - 1. I am working in a project of VB.NET 2010. I have some data in a datagridview and i want send this data using outlook in a table format just like a grid. I have successfully convert the data of grid into a datatable and paste it in outlook email body. the code is following in which i converted the data of grid to a datatable. C#. Dim Cols As Integer Cols = 0 While Cols < = MyGrid.ColumnCount.

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string [] j=new string [5]; //Now set the strings of j, i.e, j [0], j [1] j [2], j [3], j [4] after Setting these string, then use. Response.Write ( j [d] ) Note that if d=0 then this is first string,i.e your j1=j [0], j2 = j [1] and so on. this is in C#. in VB. Dim j As String () = New String (4) { vb Copy Code Dim itemNo As Integer Dim rdbtnSet As Integer = 1 Dim grpboxCnt As Integer = 1 For Each grpbx As GroupBox In Me .Controls.OfType( Of GroupBox)() For itemNo = 2 To sqlds.Tables( 0 ).Columns.Count If .Item(itemNo) = True Then rdbtn & rdbtnSet & Yes .checked = True ' I want to be this way but we know that this is not working or its not the proper way If the variable will always contain a string, use the String VBA data type. If the variable will contain an integer use either the Integer or the Long VBA data type. The choice between Integer and Long depends on how big the relevant numbers are. Remember that neither Integer nor Long variables can be used to store fractions. Which takes us to the following poin Is there a repository of VBA string manipulation functions around somewhere? E.g., find the nth word in a string, find the number of words in a string, find the nth occurance of a word in a string, etc. I'll write my own if not, but these are such common, handy routines, I figured there might be a standard library that everyone uses. Thanks, Jo

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